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About us

Beauty is a value, future... is an attitude

Alchemy Lab is an independent studio where ideas, people, and skills converge to develop a wider vision for design, culture, and communication.

Why choose us? We work internationally, delivering a fusion of visual identities, design experiences and digital solutions while pushing the edge of creative research.

Working hours
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Driving business transformation through technology

  • Communication

    The team consists of professionals in the Architecture of Information, User Experience, Web Copywriting and Marketing

    • Design interfaces
    • Communication
    • Web marketing
    • Advice
    • Training courses
    • Organize events
  • Design

    Our group specializes in creative visual identity, corporate identity, web design and video editing

    • Web e mobile design
    • Corporate identity e logo design
    • Adv online
    • Font Design
    • BTL and events
    • Kinetic design
    • Photo shoots and storyboard
    • Video editing
  • Technology

    Our ultimate goal is for our clients to evolve how they do business so they can be amazed by the impact of digital channels and technology today
    • Web e mobile development
    • Application service
    • E-Commerce, cms e crm
    • IT Consulting
    • System Integration
    • Information Security
    • Digital Signage
    • Business Intelligence


Believe in dynamic projects

  • Dynamic Projects

    Each project is a life, incarnation
    and breath of your business
  • The Vision

    Each project is a living, breathing
    embodiment and your business: a unique
    identity that symbolizes the intentions,
    values and expectations about your
    products and services.

    Is the powerful force that shapes your
    reputation and defines who you are and
    what you offer. While the brand is the actual
    reflection of your company, a dynamic
    project is the culmination of thoughts and
    feelings associated with your products.
  • The Thought

    The rational component includes the
    tangible, material entities that the brand

    While the rational element, convince
    consumers that they need to buy something,
    the emotional component determines
    exactly which product you purchased.

    The cultural component is the
    personalization of the brand for the
    language, values ​​and style of the public that
    it is targeting.

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